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Grinding Media Rod


We manufacture a wide range of Grinding Media Rods processed from the superior quality of raw materials produced in our plant located at Durgapur.The Grinding Rods can be customized according to customers specific requirements.Our Grinding Rods are mainly used for metallurgical,mineral and mining plant.

The Grinding rod manufacture is developed by using a unique process resulting with hardness profiles that have a high surface hardness and a lower hardness core.The higher hardness reduces the mill consumption significantly.

Specification & Features:


  • Diameter: 50 – 120 mm
  • Length: 2.5 – 6.8 meters
  • Hardness: 280 to 350 BHN


* Chemical Composition.

* Mechanical and Physical Properties.

* Micro Structure.

* Internal Soundness.

* Dimensionally accurate.

* Straightness.

* Durability.

* Low Consumption.